Mar. 1974 Established as Tokai Create CO., LTD. with capital of \5 million
Dec. 1974 Participated in the establishment of FSA (Fujitsu Software Association)


May 1980 Entered the PC package field
June 1981 Established Kansai Sales Office
Sept. 1986 Established subsidiary CREATE LAB CO., LTD.
Apr. 1989 Changed name to CREO CO., LTD.


Sept. 1990 Registered for trading on the over-the-counter market, increased capital to \2,260 million
Oct. 1990 Started sales of the FUDEMAME series of ink brush printing software
Feb. 1993 Started sales of full-fledged business process package in an open system environment, CREO Business Manager Series (CBMS)
Dec. 1998 Acquired ISO 9001 accreditation (Industrial SI category)


Aug. 2002 Increased capital to \2,330 million through third-party allocation of new shares
Nov. 2004 Started sales of accounting system, CBMS ZeeM for Accounting
Jan. 2005 Formed capital and business alliance with Yahoo Japan Corporation, increased capital to \3,140 million, Yahoo Japan Corporation became the largest shareholder
July 2005 Started sales of human resource and payroll system, CBMS ZeeM for HR & Payroll
Sept. 2006 Acquired ISMS accreditation
Apr. 2009 Established subsidiary CREO Smile CO., LTD. (Currently CREO Networks CO., LTD.)


Apr. 2011 On April 1, 2011, CREO CO., LTD. became a holding company, with all operations other than governance and stock related operations transferred to three new companies established through incorporation-type company split (CREO Marketing CO., LTD., CREO Solution CO., LTD., and FUDEMAME CO., LTD.) as well as one succeeding company in an absorption-type company split (CREO Networks CO., LTD.), launching a new Group structure of six companies including one existing subsidiary (CREATE LAB CO., LTD.)
Mar. 2013 The largest shareholder changed to Amano Corporation as Yahoo Japan Corporation transferred part of its holdings of the Company’s shares to Amano Corporation
Mar. 2014 40th anniversary
May 2014 Business partnership with Amano Corporation
Mar. 2015 Transferred all shares of Fudemame Co., Ltd. to FPJ Co., Ltd.
Apr. 2016 Founded CoCoTo Co., Ltd.
Apr. 2017 Merged 5 consolidated subsidiaries, launched new Group structure